The brave forester carried on his shoulders a huge weakened dog in the mountains

Lexie Daniel, a resident of New Jersey, posted on her Facebook page a touching story whose events took place in the mountains.

The woman was in the mountains with her hiking friends when they saw a man trying to rescue a dog from dehydration.

She recognized ranger Chris Salapek repeating, „It’ll be fine my friend, don’t be afraid.“ »

The dog drank all the water the forester gave him, but he still couldn’t get up. It was obvious that the four-legged friend had suffered sunstroke.

But Chris had no intention of giving up. He decided to help the animal at all costs.

So he took the big heavy dog ​​on his shoulders and started walking down the rocky path.

Members of the group noticed that the man, arriving near a stream, dropped off the dehydrated pooch and proceeded to douse him with water.

When the dog had cooled down a bit, he came to his senses and was able to raise his head.

The man picked up his load again and started down the slope again.

Later, Lexie contacted the forester and Chris said he immediately took the dog to the vet.

Now the pooch was better and would recover soon.

It’s wonderful that there are nice people like the forester Chris.

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