A wonderful family. This couple has 20 children, the life of this family will surely surprise you

They are very friendly and always ready to help each other.

A wonderful family lives in the UK. The fact is that a wife Sue Redford has 20 children. The last son named Archie was born when the woman was 42 years old.

Sue says she and her husband Noel, 46, are on cloud nine, but don’t plan to have any more children.

Archie was born prematurely, but luckily the baby is healthy.

There are 10 boys and 9 girls in the family. The eldest is Chris, at the moment he is 28 years old. And the youngest, Phoebe, was born a year before Archie.

In addition to being happy parents, the couple have three grandchildren.

Sue gave birth as a teenager. No matter how young the girl was not afraid of pregnancy, on the contrary, she was delighted. As soon as Sue came of age, the couple got married.

The spouse says that at first they planned three children, but then they realized that a big family is much better.

The whole family lives in a big house with 10 rooms. Instead of a regular car, they travel by bus. They are very friendly and always ready to help each other.

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