Photos of this girl became famous on the Internet thanks to her luxurious long hair

This 5-year-old girl with gorgeous hair, named Mia Aflalo, lives in Tel Aviv.

Her hair was thick and wavy from an early age.

Her mother used to take her to hairdresser Sagi Dahari who, after doing the girl’s hair, shared her photos on the Internet.

Although the girl was so small, she knew the manners of presenting herself and behaved like a real professional model.

Mia’s very long hair allowed the hairdresser to shape it into several different shapes.

Sagi Dhari used to create many hairstyles for her. They looked like a butterfly-shaped bow, a wave-shaped lock, and even a huge lion’s mane.

Her hairstylist praised Mia for her patience, as she never complained while doing her hair and getting dressed.

Before taking these photos, Mia’s mother dressed her daughter in various elegant costumes.

These stunning photos attracted many fans who always followed them on the Internet.

However, some followers disapproved of Mia being in the spotlight at such a young age and questioned the mother’s motive of using her daughter to gain fame, and criticized her for trying to gain followers.

On the other hand, a large number of admirers praised Mia for her incredibly beautiful appearance and hairstyles.

They wrote that the girl would become a top model when she grew up.

The last photo of Mia shared on social media was in 2021.

Perhaps because of the negative reviews, the girl’s parents decided to stop photo shoots of their daughter with beautiful and abundant hair.

Currently, Mia is nine years old. She is a talented child and, probably, will have a good future.

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