How Designer Vera Wang Manages To Look 25 At 73 And You Can Too

Wedding dress designer Vera Wang’s birthday party was thrown in style on June 30. The popular American fashion designer turned 73 on June 27. Judging by the fresh photos from the Prosecco party, Wong appears to have sold his soul to the devil and stopped aging at the age of 25.

Not every 73-year-old can celebrate such an important day in super-shorts, a top and pink hair – and the stylist obviously didn’t question her choice of outfit. Especially since it highlighted Vera’s slender arms and opened up her cleavage and neck, which, by the way, did not have a single wrinkle.

The theme for Vera Wang’s birthday party was „La vie en rose“. Pink champagne, a multi-tiered silver cake decorated with roses and the VW initials were just the start of the party.

“Celebrating my birthday with cupcakes and karaoke and Prosecco,” the 73-year-old wedding dress designer wrote alongside a photo from the party.

You won’t believe this, but karaoke is no fun! You will see that it is. Alongside celebrity guests, Wong’s favorite songs were played, like Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours”.

Fans of the designer were thrilled with Vera’s capture, as evidenced by the well-deserved likes and comments.” What’s your secret? Adoring fans wrote on social media. Some even asked the creator what potion she took and if she was a Witch.

The 73-year-old designer herself says she owes her slender figure and firm skin to healthy sleep and regular physical activity. I need rest and sleep is restorative and important,” she tells me. When she was younger, she figure skated, but now she lifts weights for exercise and rides a bike at home. wong has no obvious dietary restrictions. However, her diet mainly consists of healthy foods such as fruits, yogurts, salmon and brown rice. The most important rule is not to eat after 7:30 p.m.

Of course, one can envy the excellent genes of Vera Wang and dream of having the same perfect body, the same firm skin and the same beautiful hair in old age. But even in everyday life, without Photoshop, makeup and proper lighting, the years can take their toll – and Ms. Wong looks the epitome of her age.

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