Here’s what the 650-pound woman looked like then and now

Nikki’s Fantastic Transformation Losing 352 Pounds Left Everyone Speechless

Meet 34-year-old Nikki Weber, who was overweight from early childhood as she unknowingly overconsumed cakes, burgers, and other junk foods without considering the undesirable consequences.

One day, Nikki clearly realized that she had to drastically change her lifestyle and began to go on crushing diets, when all was in vain. She couldn’t control herself and gave up every time. Once she hit 650 lbs, she had no choice but to go into a fantastic transformation.

Everything got significantly worse and as a result she couldn’t get up, move or do basic things on her own and constantly needed help from others.

A popular program called “My 661 Pounds” which aims to change the lives of fat people realized that the only daughter definitely needed their help and invited her to their program. First, she had to undergo an operation to make her stomach smaller and create a special diet plan.

Due to the surgery she underwent, Nikki lost 198 pounds and then had to keep her diet proper. At first, the girl was more than sure that she couldn’t control herself and follow all the instructions, yet she could.

As a result, through the program’s invaluable help and the girl’s efforts, she managed to lose about 352 pounds and her extra skin that was soon removed weighed 55 pounds.

Although she has already managed to lose a lot of weight, Weber is not going to stop and her goal is to lose more and become more attractive. Nikki continues her regular physical activities.

During her workouts at the gym, she was lucky enough to meet her future husband Marcus with whom she fell in love at first sight.

How did you find the girl’s amazing body changes?

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