Beyoncé rides an unusual horse

The American singer has long proven that she is not only a musician, but also a fashion icon. On her social networks, the artist occasionally posts bright fashion images, but most importantly she does not cross the line.

Even mini-skirts and frank dresses are not as vulgar on Beyoncé as on some divas, on the contrary very sexy.

But on the cover of her new album, the singer broke free from her desires, appearing almost naked on a holographic horse.

But even in this image, Beyoncé looks very efficient and sexy. The artist appears on the cover in a new style that caused a storm of emotions among fans. They certainly did not expect to see this icon in such a role.

“I almost fainted”, “you look amazing”, “you look beautiful”, “a beautiful picture that suits you well”, “a real queen”, “this is the best picture I have ever view”, “this is what a woman should look like after 40”, -said netizens.

But not all celebrity looks are well received by fans. Grammy Award-winning singer Lizzo, for example, showed off a “lemon” tank top.

The 150 kg artist first wore it for a photo shoot, then decided to show what she looked like from behind (read also: “Can I enlarge this?”). Lizzo reveals her saggy butt in a “lemon” singlet).

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