The young couple built a strong family, raising two children as waters and living life to the fullest, despite all the difficulties of fate.

The young couple have a strong family. They raise two children and live a fulfilling life despite fate. Charlie and Karen Wogan, who live in Australia, don’t consider themselves special. They lead very normal lives, playing sports, hiking, traveling and owning their own business. They have two daughters.

But this family is not normal. The couple are actually middle-aged. The mother of the family, Charlie, 27, is 127cm tall, and her husband, Karen, 38, is 137cm. The man was diagnosed with hereditary dwarfism and the woman with a rare disease that can cause serious health problems. The genetics of these two diseases do not seem to be the most favorable. She had been warned by her doctor. However, that didn’t stop her from getting pregnant.

Unfortunately, the doctor’s unfortunate prediction came true. Her eldest daughter, Tilva, suffers from the same illness as her mother. She suffers from chondrodysplasia, a condition in which the long bones are underdeveloped. But that’s not all, his youngest daughter also inherited dwarfism from her father.

But the family is very happy and enjoys their days, sometimes to excess, but they don’t care. Four years ago, the couple decided to create an Instagram page to share details of their life. They now have thousands of followers all over the world who truly appreciate and support them.

The couple is convinced that there is no obstacle to their development. They enjoy every day, play sports and have fun no matter what. Work isn’t a problem either, and they’ve both been successful in their professional fields.

Karen has her own business and Charlie works for a large telecommunications company.

“We are the same people as everyone else. We eat the same as everyone else, we go to the same places and we take the same routes,” the couple explained.

So far, neither Charlie, 27, nor Karen, 38, have had any serious health issues as a result of their diagnosis. A healthy lifestyle and constant exercise helped them cope.

The couple hope their experience will encourage others with dwarfism to believe in themselves and that a medical diagnosis is not a death sentence.

Above all, they are happy and have love in their hearts.

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