The British girl weighed 29 kilos: an ordinary chocolate made her return to normal life

British Anna Windley was an ordinary girl. When she went to school, she was a good student, she practiced sports and took part in school cultural events.

But the girl was always overweight and was sometimes teased by her class friends.

Anna started cutting back on her food and over time she almost stopped eating, only one sandwich every five days.

The days passed and Anna was still afraid of food.

At 21, she weighed 29 kilos and because of her “diet” she was often taken to hospital.

After all, the doctors diagnosed him with anorexia.

The girl told the doctors that she just wanted to get a little thinner and that now she had a distaste for all foods.

Fortunately, everything changed by chance, when one day she decided to eat a piece of chocolate.

Anna understood that her health was in danger, but psychologically she was not ready to eat.

Still, one day she decided to try something sweet. It was a piece of chocolate that saved his life.

Eating it, the girl thought that nothing bad happened to her. So she began to eat little by little, at first sweets: treats, candies and other sweets.

After a short time, Anna revealed that the foods were not at all dangerous as she believed and gradually began to eat regularly again.

In two years, she managed to return to normal weight and completely changed. The girl beautified, she started working and found her love.

She still remembers the story of a piece of chocolate that brought her back to normal life.

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