This lovely girl worked as a teacher: meet the most beautiful girl in Brazil

Those who value female beauty say that Brazil is rich in fascinating beautiful women.

We can say that they are right, because nowadays there are several famous Brazilian models and actresses.

Currently, Miss Brazil 2022 has been added to the list of Brazilian beauties.

Jessica Pedroso won the Miss Brazil title in October 2022.

The final of the competition took place in São Paulo with the participation of 26 girls from different regions of Brazil.

Usually such events are accompanied by scandals.

And this one was no exception. Several girls who claimed victory did not even reach the final.

Many people are sure that Jessica does not have so many values ​​and does not deserve this title.

Jessica was born into a family of teachers. The 23-year-old girl is a linguist and she too worked as a teacher.

She is not married, but for a long time in her life there is a young man with whom she has woven sweet romantic relationships.

The girl often shares photos with her beloved on the Internet, and followers admire the beautiful lovers.

The beauty princess has taken on a social project called Seeds of Goodness.

The purpose of this project is to take care of children who do not have the opportunity to be educated.

“We ourselves must take charge of the future of our country.

If we join forces, we can change the world,” Jessica said from the stage.

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