The little girl always has unique hairstyles, the author of which is her loving mom

Shelley Gifford, a sweet and caring mom, is very fond of doing extraordinary hairstyles for her daughter.

They are real works of art, very original and never repeated.

Shelley loves her hobby and always creates lovely horse weaves which technique is often invented by herself.

Before, the woman liked to knit, but after the birth of her little girl, she improved her art in the field of hair weaving.

Having a creative spirit, she developed her skills, also by watching special videos on YouTube.

Each time, the loving mom does a special hairstyle and every morning her daughter goes to school with a new masterpiece.

And teachers too are always pleasantly surprised by these books.

It seems that his fantasy has no limits.

She likes to share the photos taken of her daughter on social networks.

Every day she posts a photo where Grace’s hair is woven in a new way.

In his publications, Shelley writes that his labors do not take much time.

The new masterpiece is born in 20 minutes. And during these moments, the child manages to repeat his homework.

Lots of users, especially moms, love these photos and thank the woman for the gorgeous ideas.

“People often ask how I manage to make Grace sit so long every time.

But she got used to sitting patiently from childhood,” the woman said.

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