She became a mother at the age of 11. She is now a mother of three children

The young couple love each other and have no desire to break up.

The girl lived in the same apartment with her grandmother.

She had no parents and he was raised by his grandmother.

And the boy Habib also lived in this apartment. He rented a room.

The boy was 19 years old.

Young people started a relationship.

After some time, the girl became pregnant.

Surely, the young man was tried, but the sentence was postponed.

The reason was that the young people proved in court that they loved each other.

The couple had a daughter.

The young mother graduated from 9th class and enrolled in university.

And in 2013 they had a son.

4 years later they wanted to divorce, but they found out about the girl’s third pregnancy.

Currently they are expecting their third baby, Habib earns money and takes care of a young family.

Due to her age, the girl did not give birth alone, but by cesarean section.

The doctors did not want to take responsibility, although the babies in both cases were born small.

Nevertheless, Habib’s parents never admitted the girl, they continually search for a new wife for their son.

Among other things, they don’t believe that these babies are from their son.

Nevertheless, young people love each other and have no desire to break up.

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