this talented man used thousands of parts to make the floor

The man made the floor with 27,000 coins and left everyone speechless

This commendable and ingenious British man, Matt Giles, literally amazed everyone with the extraordinary floor he made with two bare hands using thousands of parts.

Matt and his wife were looking for an original idea on how to build the floor and one day a brilliant idea suddenly crossed the man’s mind. The floor made up of many coins quickly became an inspiration to millions of people and even some builders and designers confessed that it was actually an idea worthy of consideration.

First, the spouses went to the bank to exchange their money and, as a result, got about 27,000 coins with which they could do the floor.

It should be noted that it took the man 6 weeks as well as hard work and a lot of effort to complete the task, but the result turned out to be much better than the spouses expected. The first step was to cover the coins with silicone, rub them with a special liquid and then spread them all over the floor. Mat’s friend was also there to offer his help and together they managed to achieve the desired result.

The ground was totally dry in two days and, it goes without saying, none of you have ever witnessed such an original thing.

It should be mentioned that the man is really proud of his work and encourages others to try this method as well.

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