The news that Swank will be a first-time mother surprised everyone

Breaking News: 48-year-old Swank recently revealed she’s expecting a baby

Although she is already 48 years old, legendary Hollywood star H. Swank got pregnant and shared the big news in an impressive and surprising way. It should be noted that Hilary is going to be a mother for the first time, as surprising as it may seem.

The outstanding actress is now happier than ever as she begins a whole new chapter in life at the age of 48. Nobody remained indifferent to the announcement of the Hollywood celebrity, and many rushed to sincerely congratulate her.

It is worth mentioning that the iconic movie star has always dreamed of having children and now, with her beloved husband Philip Schneider, her “dream guy”, who is a social enterprise entrepreneur, she is going to have her first child. They first met on a blind date and have been absolutely inseparable ever since.

There is speculation that the spouses are going to have twins as the actress recently gave a calming obvious hint that her and her husband’s family have experience in referring twins.

According to reliable sources, Swank is currently in her second trimester. As she admits, hoping to become a mother is a kind of magic, a real blessing from Heaven that she has been waiting for for a long time.

Hilary confessed that as soon as her clothes stopped wearing her on a regular basis, it was the very moment she realized she was pregnant.

Congratulations to the actress! What do you think ?


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