The elderly woman could no longer climb the stairs: the interesting story of a real star

A Canadian woman, living in Ontario, started playing the sport at the age of 71.

Her name is Joan MacDonald. Currently, the good granny is a real fitness star, and the number of her followers on her social network page is 1.5 million.

Already retired, she had several health problems. The amount of his medicine increased day by day.

But then, a real change in his life happened…

Joan’s condition worsened day by day.

She suffered from overweight, high blood pressure, kidney failure… The list of her illnesses was very long.

Because of her puffy ankles, she climbed the stairs with great difficulty.

When her daughter Michelle spoke to the doctor, she was very saddened because her mother’s condition was alarming.

Michelle lived in Mexico with her husband and children.

She ran a gym there and offered her mother to come to her house and take care of the sport, because if Joan didn’t change her way of life, she would be lost.

“I was already tired of my situation and could no longer bear all these illnesses.

I had to change my way of life and I decided to go to my daughter. »

Here, the elderly woman first learned to use an iPhone.

Then, she started visiting the gymnasium.

By practicing various special exercises, including strength training and cardio, the woman felt better and better.

After the weight loss, she became more motivated and devoted herself entirely to her new activity.

“I became passionate about my daily workouts. I’m already 75 and I still go to the gym a few days a week. I feel perfectly healthy and I don’t want to stop. »

Joan MacDonald shares her photos on the Internet and makes publications, becoming a true fitness star and a source of inspiration for her followers.

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