An annulled marriage: the young fiancée did not accept the three children of her future husband

When the engaged couple begin to prepare for the wedding feast, it means that they have decided to go down the aisle and live together their whole lives.

However, the hero of our story interrupted the preparations for his wedding, although he had spent enough money.

James Flores lives in Nuevo León, a state in northeastern Mexico.

The man, who had three children from his first marriage, decided to marry a girl he liked.

After completing all the preparations, James changed his mind and decided to call off his marriage.

And what was the reason for his unexpected behavior? He gave up on his plans because his fiancée refused to take care of his children.

James always wanted to find a loving and caring mother for his three children.

Finally, he had found a girl who agreed to marry him.

But when they were about to get married, the young bride said she didn’t want to take care of her future husband’s children.

“If she doesn’t accept my children, I can’t marry her. Although I love her very much, I refuse that she be my wife, because she does not want to become a mother for my children.

It is better to remain a single father,” the man said on his Facebook page.

James used the Internet to sell another couple everything he had ordered for the wedding party: the room for 200 people, the drinks, the few-course menu and the party surprises.

There was a couple who looking at his ad bought everything he was getting ready for the wedding.

Thus, James was able to recover most of the money he had spent.

The man also shared a video where he talked about his story and users wrote their opinions which were different.

But most wrote that he just needed a nanny to take care of his children.

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