How is now the unusual face of a young boy who finally became happy

There are people who are born with physical defects or it may be the result of an illness.

Fortunately, there was a television program that helped the hero of our story find happiness.

The young boy, called Serge, had an innate face problem.

The doctors claimed that the child’s skull did not form properly due to which he had almost no nose.

And the doctors couldn’t make up their minds to help her.

One day, Serge’s parents took the boy to a program called “I’m ashamed of my body” which helped people with appearance problems.

Serge couldn’t stand his condition any longer, because his peers made fun of him and strangers gave him unfriendly looks.

Because of his nose, the teenager had no friends.

The show’s specialists set about dealing with this difficult case.

Serge has had two surgeries. The first was to correct his upper lip and the purpose of the second was to restore the nose.

Fortunately, both operations yielded good results.

The boy’s appearance has changed enough.

Serge and his family were infinitely happy. The boy was no longer ashamed of anyone. He started smiling and became sociable.

After graduating from school, another operation will completely correct her nose.

Thanks to the charity of people and the skill of surgeons, the boy can enjoy his childhood.

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