The heartwarming story of an abandoned girl who later became a famous model

There are Eastern and African countries, where society pays great attention to mythical prejudices and where the birth of special children can be considered a curse.

An albino girl was born in China. From birth, little Xueli had no chance of being brought up in a family and would not have a good future.

The child’s parents took him to the orphanage.

But the little girl did not have a disastrous fate at all, as her parents and other people thought.

Then a miracle happened: little Xueli was adopted by a family from the Netherlands, whose members, seeing her photos, immediately fell in love with the child.

In this country, the girl’s appearance was no longer considered bad luck, and she could live there with her sister and adoptive parents and enjoy life.

The girl liked to watch science videos and go rock climbing.

In the Netherlands, albinism was only a peculiarity of her charming appearance.

When Xueli became a teenager, modeling agencies took notice. Now she has linked her life with the fashion industry.

The girl very soon appeared on the cover of Vogue Italy magazine.

Like most albinos, Xueli too had poor eyesight and couldn’t stand the light and spotlights.

That is why in the photographs, we can see her with her eyes closed.

Xueli likes to repeat that there is nothing impossible in life, you just have to try and keep moving forward.

The young model says that nowadays the fashion industry has changed.

Models are not only 180 centimeter slender girls, but among them appear albinos, special people with non-ordinary appearances.

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