He transformed the old abandoned building that was 300 years old into a comfortable home

Georges Dunnett, a young man of 28, was born in Scotland, in a small village called Kinnesswood.

When he grew up, he stayed to live in his native village. He always passed in front of an old building which was not far from the house of his parents.

.The villagers said that the construction was 300 years old and had been abandoned for a long time.

Georges decided to buy this building and turn it into a comfortable home.

The young man bought it in 2020 and it took him a year to completely rebuild it, as the building was almost ruined and a lot of restoration work was needed.

Georges bought the property for 63,000 euros. The building, built in the 17th century, was said to have been used to bind religious books.

Inside, there was nothing except an old fireplace.

The house had been abandoned for 50 years and as a result was covered in dirt and dust.

And before the start of the work, it had to be cleaned and empty of the togs.

Georges entrusted the construction work to builders. The masons reinforced the walls for security reasons.

The specialists changed the roof and the windows too.

Georges hadn’t foreseen so much work, but the old stones also had to be cut.

The restoration of the interior lasted a few months. The bedroom walls were painted in light colours.

After all the work, the man began to furnish the rooms which were not large, but very comfortable.

The kitchen and the bathroom were also well equipped.

Georges declares that for the whole renovation, in total, he spent 158,000 euros.

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