The single girl pours out on social networks because she dreams of a loving husband

Usually, for most women, good marriage and children are very important and creating a good family is everyone’s dream.

But nowadays, the state of a single woman of forty or fifty does not surprise anyone.

Our heroine, who pours out her heart on social networks, needs a husband and children: she wants to experience the love and warmth of the family home.

Angela, a Ghanaian girl, became famous on social media because she posted a video on TikTok where she was in tears.

The young woman cried because she dreamed of a family: a loving husband and babies.

“I am already 30 years old, but I have neither a husband nor a child. I still sleep crying,” Angela said whimpering.

It was not the first time that the girl shared videos where she saddened, saying that she dreams of meeting a worthy man as soon as possible.

She received a lot of encouraging messages where users advised her not to despair, to be patient and to wait.

They wrote that one fine day Angela would marry successfully and have children.

But, there were those who wrote that marriage is not a source of happiness and that one should not focus on what she lacked, but on the infinite resources she had.

It should be added that although doctors say that the best childbirth age is from 25 to 29, nowadays women have several possibilities to become pregnant and have children.

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