A man built a 10-story, 80-room house on six trees.

From an early age, you probably dreamed of a treehouse.

Mr. Horace Burgess, an American, started building it in 1993. Burgess set out to build a small house, but ended up building a real skyscraper. Horace built it without the help of architects or craftsmen. He drew the plans and built it himself.

At first, the Americans used old boards from barns, construction waste and parts of abandoned buildings. Later, neighbors started providing building materials. Surprisingly, there is even a basketball court and a church. There is an attic on the top floor.

There are stairs, hallways, terraces, balconies and even hidden rooms. However, firefighters were not happy with the house. Due to the lack of safety rules, it is forbidden to live there. However, Horace himself still lives there. He is very proud of his work.

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