an unusual love story between Kamalia and Mohammad Zahoor.

The story of the relationship and love between Ukrainian singer Kamalia and Pakistani millionaire Mohammad Zahoor is fascinating and exciting. Yes, the singer admits in an interview that she was surprised by love. However, years after the star couple met, their love hasn’t faded.

Kamaria’s famous husband played with his future wife for a long time. Then the singer succumbed to her love and a relationship began. Also, the relationship between Kamalia and Mohammad Zafar had reached such a level that they were planning to get married. However, it was later revealed that the Pakistani man did not confess to his family that he was engaged.

Mohammad said nothing about the wedding, neither to his family nor to the bride herself! Yes, Zahoor took his beloved to visit relatives in the country, as if going to a friend’s wedding. However, when the Ukrainian singer arrived in Pakistan, she wore her national dress for the wedding.

The girl admits that she was very happy about it. And Mohammad Zafar himself was convinced that he would never have agreed to the marriage if he had known about it in advance. The reason was negative experiences in other relationships.

Previously, the Ukrainian singer’s husband openly admitted that his mother did not know about the wedding. The singer’s future mother-in-law did not even know that her son was divorced. In accordance with Eastern tradition, the parents decided to choose Mohammad Zafur as their wife.

However, his relationship with this woman did not work out, and she never became his companion. He therefore divorced and continued to support his ex-wife and their children. Mohammed kept quiet about the divorce so as not to offend his mother.

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