British woman helped baby cheetah but couldn’t give it to shelter

Pets are everyone’s best friends. What type of animal do you live with? Is it a cat, a dog or a parrot? Do you have a rabbit or a hedgehog? Heather lives with a cheetah, a real carnivore.

She currently lives in South Africa. The country is known for its high level of poaching. Leather rugs are considered extremely valuable. Some residents seek elegance and wealth, unaware that animals such as the cheetah are extremely rare to the point of being listed in the Red Book.

This young girl from the UK loves animals and now lives with a carnivorous lion with a symbolic name. It all started when she started working for an organization specializing in wildlife conservation.

One of his tasks is to find the cheetah cubs that have been abandoned, neglected and sentenced to death. But it was only a spring butchering.

Heather learns that the main clandestine activity of the organization consists in selling these poor cubs to black.

Upon learning of this horrifying fact, the girl immediately gave up. But before that happened, she redeemed the calf and has been living with it ever since.

It was as if she understood that he was helping her because he really cared about her. They were inseparable.

Then, in order to save another calf, the young girl used social networks to raise the funds necessary for the rescue of the animals.

The idea worked, funds were raised and all the cheetahs were purchased and sent to specialist shelters.

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