A girl born without legs is only 8 years old and has already become a professional gymnast.

A girl of just eight years old has proven that with a big wish, any height can be reached.

Today we present to you a young gymnast who, although born without legs, has already achieved great success in the sport.

Paige was born without legs. From an early age, she admired the success of gymnasts, and her parents always took her to her first gymnastics class. It was the start of everything. Paige’s first training was to stay in shape. However, his passion grew into something even bigger.

She is now eight years old and on the Ohio State University gymnastics team. As she says, “I feel that gymnastics is my calling. I want to continue training, programming and playing this sport.”

Most important, however, is the support of his family, coaches and teammates.

In addition to gymnastics, Paige also practices archery, swimming. Her parents make sure she is on time for her favorite activities and are happy to see her smiling a lot. At such a young age, Paige is already seriously considering competing in the Paralympic Games. This little girl’s story proves that anything is possible if you really want it.

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