A Labrador took on the role of father of nine orphaned ducklings

Fred is a 10 year old Labrador at Mountfitchett Castle, Stansted, England. He is a loyal and friendly pup and has recently made a name for himself as the father of nine ducklings.

Last week, the duckling suddenly disappeared and they found themselves alone. A concerned member of the castle staff took them to Fred, who also placed them in foster care.

It is said that the nine ducklings that were on Fred’s back. They then bathed in the moat under Fred’s supervision. When the weather is nice, the ducklings and Fred also take a nap in the grass.

He’s a great guy,” says Jeremy Goldsmith, Fred’s owner. “The kids love Fred and he’s given up being a father to stay home and look after his nine ducklings.

Village officials hope that Fred will be able to fulfill his role as a father for a few more weeks, and then, when they are old enough, he will be able to strike out on his own.

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