An orphaned rhino gently rests on a nurse’s aide and thinks she’s his pillow

Laura Ellison, who works as a veterinary nurse at a rhino orphanage in South Africa, recently posted an adorable video and photo with an orphan rhino named Cabello. “I really am his pillow,” she wrote. The rhinoceros is very gentle and the calf is just a big baby who seeks comfort and security like any other child.

“This morning, she wrote, Cabello was lying next to me, constantly adjusting to lay comfortably on my stomach and chest. My feelings for this rhinoceros are indescribable. My love for him is beyond words.”

However, Laura is quick to point out that despite her strong relationship with Cabello, she wishes he weren’t in her life. These animals are incredible, but we must not lose sight of the majestic beasts that they are.” The baby rhino is in trouble because he is not a pet. If the rhino is not with me, but with his mother, I will do anything.” But the poachers refuse him this right.

I want them to feel the sweetness of the rhino, to love the rhino, to want to help it, but it’s my relationship with the rhino that makes it possible”. We have been together since Cabello arrived at the orphanage and we have a very strong bond. If Kabelo is very happy with me, he is not with many others.

“It’s a photo of Kabelo when he arrived. I slept with him for about five nights until he got used to his surroundings and the noise and was no longer stressed about being alone.”

„He was very gentle and was careful not to step on me or hurt me while I was sleeping. Sometimes when I woke up he would suck on my face or my leg. Such a gentle little giant.”

Laura recounts the first time a young rhino like Cabello was adopted by the orphanage. When you pick up a young rhino, depending on its condition, stress level and age, you may be required to sleep with it. Rhinos have a very strong bond with their mother and are not used to being left alone. Our caregivers bond with the calves to minimize their stress and ease their transition through the rehabilitation process. Our calves have very little human contact so as not to impose themselves on the general population, they simply bond with their caregivers and accept them.”

Laura says Cabello has this indulgent love.” It’s bittersweet that people took my mom away from me and she trusts me so much. Rhinos have the right to live with their mother without human interference.”

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