The little kitten is no bigger than a spoon wants to grow big and strong by all means

This article contains an extremely high percentage of mimicry, so be warned. Today, you are going to discover a beautiful story about a very small kitten.

You can see baby Francis in the photo below. The kitten is only three weeks old and weighs 113 grams. It’s so small that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

But if we put aside the cuteness and look at the kitten reasonably, we can understand that at his age he must weigh much more than he really is. The vets, after examining the kitten, determined that there was a problem with the kitten’s heart.

The kitten’s head is disproportionate to its body, as it is larger in size. The other kittens weigh about twice as much as Francis. Being underweight threatened the kitten’s life. Despite its tough exterior, the kitten behaved like a normal healthy cat.

Francis ate the right amount, slept soundly, loved to play and loved to sit in his arms and purr. Everything seemed to be going well.

Despite everything, the kitten had to be treated. At the veterinary clinic, Francis was prescribed regular bottle feeding.

Francis‘ landlady had to take the baby with her to work so she could properly care for him. Taking her with her was no problem, as the kitten took up very little space and could easily slip into her pocket.

The kitten also had a companion at home, Benny the cat. He had taken a liking to the little one and took care of it as if it were his own kitten.

Francis is not in mortal danger at the moment. He has gained a lot of weight and is no longer different from his friends.

The only remaining problem is a lack of growth hormone. But that’s not a problem, because Francis will always be well supervised.

He will certainly become a beautiful cat, and you will not think that he had any illnesses in his childhood.

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