Cat owner couldn’t hold back tears after learning where her cat was going, abandoning her kittens

This inspiring story quickly went around the world via social media. It proved once again that our four-legged friends are much more caring than us. Today’s heroine is Mira the cat. She lived with her owner. One day, her walk stopped when a kitten appeared.

Mira was a very caring and loving mother, but the owner recently noticed that the cat had been missing for some time, leaving her babies behind. She repeats this every day, feeding the kittens before leaving.

At some point, the woman decided to follow the cat to find out where it was going. However, when she found out the truth, she couldn’t get over it for a long time.

It turned out that the cat had gone to a nearby forest to give milk to a newborn squirrel. We don’t know when her mother disappeared or how Mira found out about them. However, maternal instinct did not allow the squirrel to be an orphan. The woman had to take the squirrel home every time so the cat wouldn’t leave her kittens.

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