The love story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: from comedy to legal drama

They had known each other by correspondence long before meeting for the first time on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Angelina then recalled that she hadn’t gotten along with Brad before and was shocked at the rudeness and arrogance he showed towards her when they met. Interestingly, Pitt wasn’t flattering, calling Jolie arrogant.

But just as there is a step from love to hate, there is also the reverse.

Their romance was a big surprise to those who knew them. No one was surprised by the passion that burned between the two of them. This news did not please actress Jennifer Aniston, who wrote about their affair as well as laziness.

Eventually Jolie got pregnant and they decided to legalize their relationship. Prior to that, Aniston and Pitt were actively engaged in divorce proceedings.

After the birth of their first child, they had five children during 11 years of marriage. And some of them were brought by the couple from the poorest countries in Africa. These good deeds undid all of Jolie’s previous sins. She began to be idolized.

And all the sins of the couple fell on them. Meanwhile, rumors of Bred’s infidelity, alcoholism and drug addiction swirled, predicting the couple’s split every month for five years. And that’s what happened.

Ten years after the start of their relationship, the most beautiful engagement, surrounded by children, did not help. A photo of them at the time caused a stir. For a while, the rumors died down. But not for long.

And it became clear. Something happened between them. Jolie had reached her lowest weight and her eyes were puffy. Where was the happiness?

In 2016, the news went around the world: one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood was getting a divorce. The divorce proceedings lasted more than three years. For both of them, the repeated posting of details about their private lives was off-putting. And sometimes they added fuel to the fire by giving unrestrained interviews.

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