Doctor finds small animal in graveyard and solves year-old mystery

When Truvy the little puppy walked into the hospital dining room recently, he was greeted by two strangers: the three-year-old puppy first cautiously approached the two people, not knowing what they were waiting. After all, Truvy had been on his own for a while now and doesn’t trust strangers easily.

She told me she liked the dog so much she wanted to take him home,” Mr Nash said. „I took her to my house, not knowing what her case would be,“ Nash said. I put her in the bath, put a sticker on her, and started cutting down the mess. She was so happy to be saved, it melted my heart.”

“I phoned my family and they were thrilled! When Truvy disappeared, we immediately searched the area on foot and by car,” said Amy Logan, Truvy’s mother. Over the next few months, we searched for her by car. So Logan was able to make sure that Truvy’s chip was updated.

Logan said: „I never gave up hope of being found, but it was a shock to learn over a year later that not only had he been located, but he was still in good health. health after all the hard work he had done.”

The next day, Logan was reunited with Truvy. Nash said: „It took me a minute to realize it was my mom.“ When we brought her home, she calmed down and knew she was safe at home. She was a happy little girl.”

The shy little girl she was a year ago isn’t the same anymore, Logan said. But I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the care and protection she received from Dr. Baines.” Thanks to the help of the rescue team, Dr. Baines and his entourage, Truvy and his little family were able to make up for lost time.

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