A Sad-Faced Shelter Cat Looking For A Family Who Will Love Him Exactly As He Is

Ben Franklin arrived at the Animal Welfare Society of New Milford, Connecticut in June 2021 after his owner passed away. He was a little nervous, but everyone immediately fell in love with his unique eyes and expression. Ben is a crossdresser, and also always looks sad, but neither of them seem to care. The only thing he really did was make everyone who saw him feel very funny.

„We immediately noticed his long, narrow eyes and thought he was very cute.“ Animal Welfare Society staff member Crystal told The Dodo. Ben was seen by a vet and there were no concerns about his eyes. You’d think Ben’s eyes would be an obstacle to adoption, but it’s actually quite the opposite. When potential foster parents see his pretty face for the first time, he attracts a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the cheerful, friendly personality that people expect, and he’s been waiting for over a year now for someone to finally give him a chance.

„Crystal,“ he said. Ben’s ideal family is calm, patient and understanding.” He respects his space and would do well with other laid back cats who don’t want to play, but would prefer a home without dogs or small children.” Benjamin needs a special home, but we know there’s someone there for him. Ben is still under special treatment and needs a new family.

He’s a bit on the sidelines at the moment, but his friends at the shelter think it’s because life at the shelter is a little tough on him. They hope that once he gets used to his new home, he will relax and come out of his shell. Ben Franklin looks sad, but he really wants to find a family that will love him forever.

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