A black cat with a skin condition has turned into a marble beauty: Meet Scrappy, 19

In 1997, a man named David bought a black cat, unaware that one day it would have mottled fur. The owner remembers the moment he met the cat: “Scrappy was sitting alone, and although he was a beautiful cat, we didn’t think other people would find him as beautiful as his siblings. I decided to take Scrappy because I knew he would be the last one I would get, if I had one,” David told MeowBox.

The cat’s fur began to fade when he was 7 years old. It is most likely caused by vitiligo, a very rare genetic mutation in cats.

It had no effect on the cat’s health and this 19 year old black and white cat is happy, healthy and in great shape. Yes, that’s where its name comes from. You could say he leads.

The owner added: “Scrappy is an absolute diva! Not the best cat to take pictures with as he looks away or walks away most of the time……He can also be quite grumpy at times.” However, he adores his pet and says that Scrappy is very affectionate with him.

David is the only person who can stroke Scrappy’s tummy, and seeing the beauty of the purple „Scandinavian God“ cat, we couldn’t be more envious!

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