The similarity between Roberts and his youngest daughter left everyone speechless

Are you ready to see Roberts‘ youngest heiress who grew up like his copy?

There’s probably no one who won’t recognize this legendary and iconic star of Hollywood cinema. It should be noted that the actress began her drizzling career when she was already in her fifties, managed to achieve great success in acting to be successful in her personal life.

The strong and legendary couple of Roberts and Denis Moder were a prime example of pure, unconditional love and their inseparable bond was considered something out of this world.

And recently, new photos of movie star Hazel’s youngest daughter hit the internet and many rushed to notice the incredible similarity between the daughter and her iconic mother.

Intending to always keep her precious children safe and protected, Julia hardly ever shared any details regarding their lives. While over time her heirs began to appear in public more and more often delighting the actress’s loyal fans.

Apart from her hair color, Hazel looks like the exact copy of her famous mother.

However, some network users have noticed a similarity between Hazel and Scarlett Johansson, although it may seem surprising.

It should be noted that Roberts wants his heiress not to engage in show business, rather, encouraging her to have a regular job.

Currently, Hazel is studying perfectly in school showing positive results. However, she has not yet decided in which sphere to specialize.

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