Rescued Dog Still Cuddles Foster Mom Every Day When He Comes Home

Kylo Ren is a very sweet dog who was brought to the West Memphis Animal Shelter when he was just 10 months old. ALIVE Rescue Memphis then stepped in to help Kylo find a home. Nobody was interested in adopting him permanently until someone thought about giving Kylo a chance and he stayed in foster care for a long time. Since that day, Kylo has come home every day and hugged his adoptive mother.

Megan Swales, Kylo’s adoptive mother, said. “We started stalking him after seeing his photo on Facebook. I think he just waited a long time to be found.” She always intended to stay with us.” Nellie was a dog that the wife and her husband already owned, so they initially wanted to take her out for a bit to get to know Kylo. Kylo was brought to the Sawyer family by a volunteer animal rescue group.

She said: „My husband and I knew he was with us when he climbed into my lap, buried his head under my chin and started snoring like a chainsaw.“

Although the dog had a few quirks, like hating hardwood floors, the family loved him and wanted him to always be comfortable, so they decided to carpet the whole house. It turned out that the dog had no problems adapting and was completely satisfied and in love with his new home.

He spoke. He jumps from rug to rug as he walks around the house.

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