Abandoned Puppy Won’t Let Anyone Help Him For Days While Waiting For Family

A very suspicious collie has been spotted wandering around a park near Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The poor animal was left alone in the cold, without anyone taking care of it. Worried about the poor dog, people contacted Janine Guido, director of Spellanza Animal Rescue, a respected animal rescue organization in the city.

Janine said: „We are so sorry to hear this. He apparently continued to live there in the hope that his family would return. But they never did. People reported to her what they saw and helped her find the dog, which was not easy. It was only with the help of her neighbors that she found and freed the dog.

“The first and second day I was away I was able to hand feed him.” However, when I tried to spin him around with the leash, he stopped. The barking dog, Kara, was so close she got spooked and ran into the woods.

Locals can help find the frightened puppies by spreading the word on the rescue group’s Facebook page. As the band posted on Facebook.

“Have you ever wondered what happens when a dog is abandoned by its owner? They sit and watch. I await the return of the family. Janine observed.

There were a lot of people in the park. Despite the people around her, she was still afraid. People chased her into the forest and she eventually walked away. After two days of searching without finding Carla, people started to worry, but the next day Janine received a phone call saying that Carla was camping under the back door.

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