A loyal dog waited for weeks for his father to return.

A stray dog ​​named Buboy has been sitting in front of the City College staff room for two weeks. The puppy scratches at the door, hoping someone will come out and give him something to eat.

Teacher Carmelito Marcelo, who cared for Buboy for four years, died of a stroke on Saturday after a week in hospital.

According to Marcelo’s colleague, the dog followed the professor everywhere. In the morning, Buboy greeted the teacher at the door and followed him from class to class. They had lunch together in the professor’s office and, at the end of the day, the dog accompanied the professor to the gate.

Marcelo visited his dog even on days when he didn’t have class. Demafelix wrote in a Facebook post: “He considers you his family”. When there is no class, his master goes to school, watches him and feeds him.”

Demafelix first noticed the dog when he was in the staff room while the teacher was hospitalized. But since Buboy was still waiting, Demafelix decided to give the stressed animal a solution.

Suddenly, he stopped going to school, but we are still waiting for him to come before the university.

Demafelix brought Buboy to Marcelo’s wake on Tuesday to help the dog say goodbye to his dear friend.

Buboy delivered his eulogy as he watched his friend lying in the coffin. However, when it was time to leave, the dog refused to budge. Buboy doesn’t want to let go of Mr. Marcelo’s coffin,” Demafelix wrote online.

Now that the teacher is gone, the teaching staff are united in trying to deal with Buboy.” The whole school is worried about Buboy, Demafelix wrote on Facebook. It is the school that has become his home.”

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