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Look at these adorable siblings. They are like angels and were voted among the 50 most beautiful children in the world. They are Dima and Violeta, two of the most popular young models in the world. These adorable siblings are naturally very photogenic and have great personalities. They were the center of attention from birth.

Of course, their parents were proud of them and managed to raise them to be loving and harmonious siblings. Their mother was Ekaterina Antonova, after whom these charming children were named. On the internet, the siblings are called angels because of their blonde hair, delicate faces, and big blue eyes. In fact, they won a genetic lottery that baffled everyone.

Of course, just look at their mother’s photo to see who the children are modeled after. Now Dima is 11 years old. She did well in school and is a very successful model, having been photographed for various catalogs and projects. Viola is six years old and actively participates in photo shoots for magazines and the local newspaper.

The angelic siblings are determined to pursue great careers in modeling, although their mother gave up because she couldn’t become a model. They also have an Instagram account with over 500,000 followers.

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