Man Places Camera In Cat’s House To Make Sure Stray Cat Gets Home Safe

Several years ago, Maria spotted a stray cat with kittens wandering around the yard of her father’s Long Island residence. She feared that, for lack of food, the cat, which she called “Mama”, isn’t strong enough to make milk for her baby. His father was against feeding the neighborhood strays, but Cassano persuaded him to make an exception.

A neighbor quickly took in Mama’s cats, but the Cassanos continued to feed the neighbor’s stray cats for free. Mom was especially grateful for the food, but the more food there was, the more they worried about her in the cold.

My dad is very practical and even though he “doesn’t like having pets in the house”, it’s a good idea to build him a cat house. “My dad is very hands-on and even though he ‘doesn’t like having pets around the house’, he’s a very compassionate person who loves helping people,” Cassano said.

“So when his girlfriend and I began to worry about the cat’s survival in the cold, my dad ordered the components for a heated cat house, covered it with waterproof material, built a foundation for her and set her up in the garden.”

A heated cat house with cameras, built by Maria Cassano’s father. Mom soon had a second kitten, and Cassano’s dad decided to install a camera in the cat’s house to make sure she came home safe and sound every night. A stray cat was secretly photographed in their cat house.

What they didn’t expect was the precious photos they would get of these grateful strays. A cat camera captures the photo of a sleeping stray cat. Mr. Cassano was able to grab the mother and her kittens and take them to a local shelter where they were spayed and vaccinated.” Cassano said: “It was fall and the shelter said it would be nice if the mother came back, but the kittens were probably too small to survive the winter if left outside.” However, it has adapted well to being handled by humans.

Cassano took the kitten in and adopted him into a loving home. But mom isn’t the only one, especially with all of the amazing amenities Cassano’s backyard has to offer. Mom now lives in the backyard with two black cats, named Inky and Finky. Cassano has no hope of taming this wild little family, but he is happy to provide them with a comfortable place to stay.

“They don’t come home and let us touch them, but they recognize us, they sleep on the floor [ou] on garden chairs, they interact with us in the yard and sometimes come to the window at mealtimes,” Cassano explains. Over the years, we have acquired additional houses and a “cat dome” so that all our boarders can stay warm,” says Cassano. I jokingly call them “Steve’s cat condos”. Every stray now has its own shelter and couldn’t be luckier. Want more animals?

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