A family of pets is totally obsessed with their little brother and watches his every step

When Cathy Boggs and her husband returned from the hospital with their newborn baby boy, the warmest welcome they received was from their four rescue dogs and one of their cats. When we brought Sonny home, it felt like they were waiting for us,” Boggs told Bored Panda.

As soon as we brought Sonny home, they respected him as if he were their own child and gave him animal affection.” Interestingly, each pet has a unique affection for its human sibling.

Mia the cat is always by Sonny’s side and loves to make sure he’s safe. Roxy is the family’s first adorable adopted pet and loves sleeping with her human siblings.” Mr Boggs says: „I think Sonny had a bigger impact on Roxy than any of her animal friends.“ He went through so many milestones with me. He knows how important this race is and it shows.

The dogs, Edith and Rosie, go on crying patrols, while Jack, the only male in the family (apart from Sonny, a little boy), plays the role of big brother and is irreplaceable in helping to change diapers.

They know how gentle they should be with babies and their love is typical of what all children should be around when they grow up,” says Ms Boggs.

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