A dog insists on petting all the puppies in his daycare

Ruby and her little brother Miles regularly frequent the kennel in Burlington, Ontario. There, the German Shorthaired Pointer is not shy when it comes to making friends. When Ruby is around dogs, she is very affectionate towards them.

Alana Lorraine, who takes her dog Lexie to daycare, noticed Ruby’s unusual behavior a few months ago. „And,“ says Ms. Lorraine, „he was happy to see us.“ I think she wanted attention. When Ruby was in nursery, she refused to use her paws. Dogs are sometimes shy about being petted, but they are happy with it. They know that’s Ruby’s way of saying hello.

Most cats ignore the problem and don’t let go,” says Lorraine. Lorraine set out to film Ruby’s paws when she grabbed him and recently decided to edit a clip. She posted the video on TikTok and gained thousands of followers.

„I thought it was cute,“ says Lorraine, „but I didn’t think it would go viral.“

High fives with other dogs are usually meant to show submission or encourage play, but Ruby only seems to be interested in a little claw on the pup’s head or back. Ruby’s love for people then leads people to give her the pet she deserves.

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