A dog tied to a post reaches out to the policeman who comes to save him

Last week, Officer Angela Lorella received a tip that a dog was tied to a utility pole in a cul-de-sac in Pompano, Florida.

She rushed outside to find the gray dog ​​tied to a post, barely able to move.

Constable Laurella, sensing that Liam’s life was not easy for him, sought help from over 100 stray dog ​​rescue organizations in Florida. Despite the flood of rescues, Roman took charge of Liam without hesitation.

“He receives lots of love and affection day and night,” Ms Roman said.

„This dog is so affectionate with everyone, there’s nothing mean about him,“ says Roman. These words say it all. He is so grateful and understanding for everything he is going through.

As many shelters are overcrowded, Roman hopes owners will seek help and resources from shelters and rescues before they are unable to care for their animals.

Despite the circumstances, Liam proves to people that he is ready to put his feet up and live with his loving family.

Roman says: „I think humanity can definitely learn from dogs like Liam.“ It only restores trust.”

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