Woman Rescues 21-Year-Old Cat Abandoned By Its Owner, To Give Her The Best Days She Has Left

Tiger, a 21-year-old cat, was abandoned by his owner at a local veterinary clinic for the last part of his life. He was sad, confused and didn’t understand why. But then Adrienne Nicole arrived. Nicole had read his story on a neighbor’s page in Guangzhou and decided to take him home. She wanted to give him the love he needed.

Unfortunately, Nicole soon discovers that Tiger is suffering from kidney failure and a tumor the size of a golf ball.

But that didn’t stop Nicole: “Despite his kidney failure and the fact that we found a tumour, he kicked like he was 12 years old. We decided to make a list of random adventures [pour Tiger]“, she wrote on Facebook.

“Even if it’s not much for others, all the little walks outside are a real treat for him because he loves being outdoors – the beach is by far his favourite,” she explained .”

Above all, the story of the tiger shows how extraordinary it is to adopt a pet in your old age and give it the best days!” . He changed our hearts forever and we hope he changes other people’s hearts in terms of adopting older pets.

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