What does a girl look like who has won 300 beauty pageants under the age of 6?

Do you remember the girl who won more than 300 competitions in the United States at the age of 6? Mother Eden dreamed of her daughter’s glory. The little one easily captivated the members of the beauty pageant judges with her flawless appearance.

“Iden had impeccable beauty. She looked like a doll without any flaws,” the girl’s aunt recalled. “Mother Eden was taking her daughter to different castings every day and not without results, as you can see,” the woman said.

Today, Wood is 17 and popular love is behind him. The girl lives the life of an ordinary teenager and does not stand out among her peers. Mama Wood left Eden without a baby.

Wood considers herself an ordinary girl and does not brag about her past among her peers. And the new photos of Eden?

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