A little boy’s touching reaction to his newborn baby sister

The Maltby family posts home videos on YouTube for everyone to see. They have 48,000 subscribers which is quite impressive. Their videos show family gatherings, outings, activities, and even a story about their mother’s pregnancy. One of the videos shows their son, Bryden, seeing his newborn sister for the first time. And he was so excited about it! He wore flowers and balloons!

Dad called Bryden, who was waiting somewhere else, and they went to find mom and little Harper, who was sleeping. Want to meet your new little sister? – Dad asks enthusiastically. I can’t wait for this moment!” The boy answered.
He was such a cute baby. When they reached the room, the air was filled with the sound of a baby crying and the father explained that it was his newborn sister who was crying. The father and his son entered the room. When Brayden first saw his baby sister Harper, he immediately stopped crying. Perhaps she sensed her brother’s presence.

Unable to control his emotions, Brayden began to cry, without trying to hide it. He had a sweet smile on his face. The boy was completely absorbed in this moment of emotion. It was amazing. The mother also started crying. This overwhelming feeling of love extends to the rest of the family. Everyone was happy as they had just welcomed their newest member. The happy brother approached his sister for a closer look. His mother reached out to take him in her arms and kiss him. It was a wonderful moment. Babies have such a powerful impact.

Mom reaches out for Bryden to lean over and kiss his baby brother. He will be a big brother. And he will be too. He will always be there for his sister. Now he has a protector! Look at Harper’s cute little feet! She is still so small, but she has won everyone’s hearts. Tears of joy! In this video, Bryden is only six years old. He is now eight years old and Harper Rose is two. She can now interact and play with her little brother. This boy is very gentle with her. The more attention and affection newborns receive as they grow, the more they trust their parents and siblings. An invisible force brings families together. People are always excited when they show physical affection. This can be especially beneficial for children, as they have their whole lives ahead of them.

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