The elderly cat celebrated his 19th birthday: he does not know what awaits him soon

This 19-year-old cat once had a home and a loving owner, but no one wanted to take care of this elderly cat. He was taken to the Cincinnati orphanage, where many cats meet the same fate. Domestic cats usually live for 12 to 15 years, and Sammy turned out to be the oldest of them. He arrived at the shelter about a week ago, before his birthday.

On June 15, when he turned 19, center staff honored the orphaned cat with his birthday.

Very quickly, photos of the cat made the rounds of the Internet. Along with the photos, they added a post where they wrote that the elderly cat has only one dream – to find a home.

Literally the next day new owners came to pick it up. Shelter staff immediately reported the happy news on social media. Employees at the animal care center say the cat is so sweet. He loves to lean on people and gives lots of hugs.

The shelter workers really hope they sing „happy birthday“ again on Sammy’s 20th birthday.

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