The baby born with a rare skin disease has been cured.

Meet This Unique Baby Born With Nevus Skin Disease Who Was Cured

This distinctive baby girl, who was unfortunately born with a very rare skin condition that left a huge blemish on her face, was recently cured.

It should be mentioned that the treatment was unavoidable and that certain measures should be taken with alacrity since this huge black “mask” covered practically the entire face of the little girl.

The girl was expected to receive the proper treatment in Russia, as the talented Russian surgeon Pavel Popov made sure that he would help her cure this rare disease. And the family, for the health of their daughter, rushed to Russia, and medical procedures began to be done.

Currently, you can see the baby with scars, while most importantly her rare condition has been cured and she is absolutely happy.

One day while they were in church, a small child saw this girl and asked her mother why she looked like that. In response, the mother said she was a freak.

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