What does the couple look like today, whose wedding photos made everyone laugh 11 years ago?

The outrageous wedding photos of this informal couple are still fresh in the minds of many network veterans. Irina and Alexander Tolstov announced their decision to start a family to friends and family 11 years ago. Unexpectedly, people other than family and friends have shown interest in the couple’s wedding photos.

Then, news of the crazy wedding ceremony quickly traveled the internet. In addition, a quick divorce was planned for the newlyweds. The couple avoided the expected outcome, much to everyone’s chagrin but to their own happiness.

This duo may have even surprised members of teenage subcultures with their unique looks. A groom who looked like a mythical elf and had long white dreadlocks. The man chose a snow-white suit for an important event, and too warm shoes for the season. Additionally, there was a bride with a shaved forehead and black attire that seemed to be descended from medieval images. The young couple got married at a rock concert that Goths and emos of the time could only watch with envy.

Irina and Alexander were accused of fraud by several netizens who claimed their marriage was bogus. In fact, the couple married for love and they plan to stay together even after 11 years. They found good jobs, got married and had children. Lada and Elisha are also the two heirs of the spouses.

Alexander had a significant transformation that made him virtually unrecognizable. Her long hair was the only thing that was still intact. The man now makes a living as a photographer and often posts images of celebrities from different social gatherings.

Irina also avoided threatening and harsh imagery for a while. They have been abandoned in favor of softness and femininity. However, the girl quickly grew tired of her “normal” appearance.

Irina, who is now 37, has returned to her extravagant fashion once again. The bond she had with her spouse was not affected. Despite the sight of the disobedient spouse, he continues to offer his help and care.

“11 years ago, we were predicted a quick divorce. Many things have changed since then: we have two children, a full life, but not without difficulties. I consider my husband my best friend. We are thrilled with how each other looks. Yes, and we have a sense of humor for two, ”writes Irina.

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