“Is it really her? Rihanna was surprised on vacation

Singer Recent birth of Rihanna’s first child. She is currently on vacation and many people have noticed a difference in her appearance.

After delivering the delivery, Rihanna ate a lot more. The paparazzi image of the dozing musician enraged people. However, it seems that the singer isn’t too concerned about the appearance changes.

Fans were unhappy with her appearance. Subscribers from time to time criticized the singer for her appearance. Many felt that she didn’t care about herself.

“ It’s her ? », « She looks very bad », « I hope she will become what she was? “, “She did not benefit from the delivery”, “I do not care, the main thing is that she is happy”, “You do not recognize her at all” and “She has become very fat “, write the subscribers of Rihanna.

What do you think of the singer’s appearance?

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