The 14 most beautiful women on the planet, chosen not by a jury but by the public

Every year, popular site Tc Candler features the most attractive people on the planet. Famous models, but also sportsmen, bloggers and other celebrities take part in the competition. In addition, the following rankings are voted on and determined by an independent jury. Note that beauty is not the main criterion, but originality, courage, individuality, elegance and other equally important qualities are evaluated. It should be noted that 40 countries participated in the competition. Today we remember the winners, who last year were voted the most beautiful women in the world. Laine is a young British model who actively participates in fashion shows.

H. McDowney, a pop singer with a not-so-ordinary look and a great voice.

O. Maksimova is a model from Novgorod.

Sonia Ben Amar is a French actress, singer and model who also studied at university.

L.Soberano has been an actress since the age of 13 and is very popular in her native country, the Philippines.

M. Volar – Australian model who started modeling at the age of three.

E. Bereng – Norwegian, passionate about music and nutrition blogging.

A. Nana – a singer from South Korea who also has an acting career.

A. Michelle is an American model.

H. Scott is a British actress who gained popularity by presenting music videos.

T. Blondeau is a French model.

L. Manoban is a South Korean actress and singer.

A. Shelvia is an Israeli model.

Ch. Ziyu – highly regarded as a true beauty, she has had careers in film, music and modeling.

Which of these beauties is your favorite? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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