A plus-size Brazilian model proves ballet isn’t just for skinny girls.

Speaking of ballet flats, most people rarely think of a woman like Julia Del Bianco. And that’s a shame. This ballerina is a fragile girl with perfect proportions. And when the weight of a beautiful girl exceeds acceptable limits, she can safely end her career.

Luckily, 33-year-old Brazilian Julia has found the strength to follow her dreams without being stereotyped. She proved for herself that talent has nothing to do with weight differences.

Julia Del Bianco is a plus size professional ballerina.

Julia was born in São Paulo, and practiced ballet from an early age. Del Bianco attended her first show when she was six years old. It was then that she discovered its complexity.

Young ballerinas grew fat over the years, and as a teenager Julia was exposed to open bodybuilding. Teachers insisted that overweight dancers were unsuitable for prom. Many suggested that he look for another profession. However, they were ridiculed by strangers as well as acquaintances.

“During a photo session for a ballet class, the photographer once told me that my head was small compared to my body. He then started laughing furiously in front of me. Needless to say, when I was photographed, I couldn’t see my little face. So think twice before commenting on someone else’s body or appearance. Or better yet, refrain from commenting on yourself.”

Julia admits that she didn’t like herself back then. She regretted that her clothes were too big. And usually too big for a teenager.

“I felt at the same time that I was a bad person. My body is not made for ballet. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough,” she recalls sadly.

However, Julia was not affected by physical parameters. Today, not only does she perform regularly at Studio de Dança, but she also enjoys teaching the art of dance. She usually holds seminars in the auditorium, but had to switch to the internet due to the pandemic.

Very soon, stylists all over the country noticed her beauty. As a plus-size model, she was invited to participate in various fashion shows.

Ms. Del Bianco says she is looking forward to ending this trend and getting back on stage. Meanwhile, the beauty has been active on her Instagram, posting helpful workout videos.

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