This South Korean is raising 200 dogs she rescued

Jung Myung-sook, 61, from South Korea, has been rescuing dogs for 26 years. She has rescued over 200 puppies and takes good care of them. Suk is not rich, but not only does she take care of stray dogs, but she also buys stray puppies to sell to restaurants.

„My kids aren’t hungry,“ Suk told The Associated Press. They are free to play and live here.” “” Some people talk about me and say, “Why is this middle-aged beggar still smiling?” Mr. Jung said. But I’m just focused on feeding my kids. I am happy and healthy.”

Suku is helped by people who are attracted to her love. But she had to move seven times because of noise complaints from neighbors. In Korea, dogs are still killed to be eaten.

Most of them are consumed by the older generation. Only recently have they become more popular pets.

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